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Change your mind, change your energy,

change your life.

I help ambitious women come home to themselves so they can lead lives and businesses they love.

Do you have an inner knowing that there is more out there for you? Maybe it's a nagging thought in the back of your mind, or a feeling in your gut that tells you that there's more to life than what you're experiencing? Perhaps you even feel guilty for wanting more, and tell yourself that "you should be grateful for what you have now". 
Sound familiar?
Well, having dreams to elevate does not make you ungrateful. You can be in a state of gratitude, abundance, and love and still have goals to better yourself! 
The journey of life is a journey of evolution, and I feel it is one of my purposes to help you get in touch with your soul and evolve in a way that is authentic to you.
Mindset Matters Blueprint!
Ready to start calling your manifestations in faster and getting rid of beliefs that hold you back in life? Well, creative visualization and quantum manifestation is exactly what you need!
Download your 20-page, “Mindset Matters Blueprint” to receive a step-by-step guide on how to draft a visualization that not only clearly projects what you want to the Universe, but also hacks your subconscious in order to rewire old beliefs that hold you back from manifesting and living your most authentic life.

Hi! I'm Sabrina.

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My self-healing + self-development journey began in the Spring of 2020 when I lost my father-in-law and dad to cancer within exactly one month of each other. I was depressed, depleted, unmotivated; truly a slave to my grief. I was also recently laid off and didn't know what my next steps should be. Essentially, my home life reached rock bottom and I wanted to move out ASAP.

Using the methods I teach today, I evolved from unmotivated & depressed, to starting my own business and practicing daily tactics that rewired my subconscious, elevated my energy, and manifested the life I've always wanted to live.​


If death taught me anything, it's that life is meant to be lived, and it is one of my purposes to help you, griever or not, step into your innate power and create a life that you are PROUD of.

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My 10-week group mentorship program will guide you into alignment with your soul while teaching and holding you accountable in the practices that shift your subconscious and your energy. 


We cannot change our world while remaining the same internally. Our external world is a direct result of our subconscious and energetic state.

SO, in order to change our lives, we have to change our minds and our energy. 


In Transcend, you will learn and put to use tools backed by science that allow you to rewire beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back from creating your next best chapter.



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Sabrina is certified in Revelation Breathwork which combines ancient 3-step breathing with modern, feel-good music. This technique is an active breathing method that facilitates incredible breakthroughs, energy & trauma release and mind-body benefits that support your holistic well-being. Book a one-off session or a longer-term coaching container.

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"Sabrina helped me focus on myself, face some of the fears, guilt, and shame I had not realized I held from childhood, and she helped me embrace meditation and journaling. I felt stuck and lost in my profession and working with her helped me shift my perspective and realize there is something greater out there for me than what I had been doing."

- Shannon M.


"This morning I had a [breathwork] session with Sabrina. My intention was to practice being with myself because I’ve noticed myself distracted when I’m not busy- not even 15 minutes into our conversation, Sabrina had peeled back layers and helped me identify what was lying underneath."

- Bri H.

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