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"Seeking Signs"
Open For Enrollment

Tap Into Universal Energy to Receive Guidance, Assurance, and Warm Energetic Hugs From Your Loved Ones Passed. 


Whether you are at a crossroads in your life, have a big decision on the horizon, are beginning your journey with spirituality & self-healing, or are a griever looking for any connection to your loved ones on the other side, signs are a beautiful way to manifest your desires. Remember: Energy is all around us and is yours to mold. 

4-Weeks, 1hr/Week 

This Will Be A 4-Week Course Where You'll:

  • Master the Law of Attraction to manifest your greatest desires ​

  • Become an expert at requesting specific signs from your loved ones on the other side a/o the Universe AND actually receive them

  • Enhance your intuition to make better business, relational, and personal decisions

  • Unlock ways to actually feel your own energy and leverage it for your benefit

  • Elevate your spiritual and self-healing journey by learning, as well as practicing, techniques that ground you, center you and offer you deep peace

  • Discover the topic of quantum physics as it relates to energy and signs

  • Define "Default Signs" and experience them more regularly

  • Tap into methods to increase your receptivity to signs 

For the Price of $150 You'll Receive:

4 Hours of Group Coaching by me!

Hi! I'm Sabrina read more about me and my experience with signs here on my blog or here on social media

(4) Journal Prompts

That you can use now AND in the future to support your receptivity to signs and clear blockages that may be preventing you from receiving signs

(2) Guided Meditations

To be used whenever, wherever, to support clarity of the mind, peace & calm, and receptivity to signs

(1) Pre-Scheduled Accountability Calendar

To keep you on track with take-home tasks and rituals that are key to building a foundation conducive for living in alignment & receiving signs

(1) Signs E-Book

For weekly take home tasks, inspiration, reflection and sign records

(1) One-Month BLANK Accountability Calendar

That you can make copies of and use for however long you need moving forward


There is truly nothing more exciting than receiving a sign... well, except for maybe receiving a sign you specifically requested and, YES, this is something you will master by the end of this course!!

If you need more clarity, this course is for you if you...

  • Have ever had an OUNCE of interest in the mystery of the universe, energy & signs 

  • Want guidance on decisions, big OR small

  • Have a loved one on the other side who you'd like to co-create a relationship with through signs

  • Want to learn methods that will allow you to feel grounded & peaceful no matter where you are in the world or in your life 

  • Are interested in vibrational energy and ways to increase your vibes to manifest the life of your dreams

  • Want to feel more connected, energized & supported 

  • Have an open mind and heart

Accountability 2 (7).png

4 Weeks, 4 Modules

1 hour each

What Are Signs &

How Do They Work

Week 1

Quantum physics as it relates

to signs and energy

Default signs: What they are

& how it works

Other ways signs manifest

& what to look out for

Intro to meditation & energy

clearing rituals

Methods for Receptivity

Week 2

Morning rituals &

how they help

Meditation benefits

and techniques to remember

Gratitude benefits and

in-class practices

Journaling benefits

and techniques to remember

Science behind accountability

Energy 101

Week 3

Vibrations & energy 

terms and definitions

Reasons for energy shifts 

and how to fix it when it does

The Law of Attraction 

and signs you're manifesting 

Feel your own energy 

in-class practice

Intuition & Requesting Your Sign

Week 4

Intuition deep dive: 

How to tap into it & feel it

Method for requesting

signs and in-class work

How to know when you

receive a sign

Key takeaways


Frequently Asked Questions

"What if I do all this work and I don't get a sign? I'm just nervous after everything I've been through with my losses that what I'll find, or won't find, won't be good for me."

Your fear is VALID and you have every reason to want to protect yourself. I can confidently say that only positives will come from this course. We will dive into the science behind energy and learn how all this good stuff works. Once you learn the mechanics, it will be easier to accept that all signs come from a place of universal energy and love. I will also be teaching you, and expect you to practice, methods that help develop a new awareness of yourself and the world around you. Once you have this awareness, which you WILL develop, you will feel more connected and supported.

"Will this course go through terminology? I'm worried I'll have spent the money for the course but will be lost the whole time."

YES! This course is 4-weeks and involves take home work because I want you to build a foundation that is key to living in alignment, feeling grounded & peaceful, and of course key to receiving signs. I'll be going through all of the methods and definitions in-depth so that you can get the most out of this program and your practice.

"Signs are cool to me, I just don't know if I'm ready to spend money to learn more about it. Can you help me understand how this could help me?"

I am SO passionate about this topic because I've experienced how tapping into energy, signs, my intuition- things we all have available to us- has not only changed my life but the lives of other people, especially grievers. There is nothing that brings me more joy than seeing the transformation of people after they've received their first sign from their loved ones passed. It's like they've unlocked a secret door. The only thing is, that door was never locked in the first place; just hidden behind our own doubts. The end goal of this course is to get you to receive guidance through your intuition, energy and signs on literally ANY topic in your life. Along the way, you'll learn methods that will also help you feel more peaceful, grounded, and energized- which are things I know we could all use more of at this time!

Is there a payment plan?

I will accept payment plans on a case by case basis. Please reach out to me directly in order to discuss!