Reclaim Productivity eBook

Reclaim Productivity eBook

Reclaim Productivity: A Kickstart In Holding Your Grieving Self Accountable Through Morning Rituals.


As a griever, I know that there are mornings when getting out of bed and completing the day's tasks can feel equivalent to climbing Mt. Everest; hard and a constant uphill battle. Depending on what steps are included in your ritual, they can help you feel calm, centered, grateful, accomplished, and clear ALL before you begin your day. ⁠
With this being said, I'm NOT here to tell you how to grieve. I AM here to share with you the knowledge I've acquired in my healing journey so that you can take whatever methods and benefits speak to YOU, and incorporate them into your own rituals for self-healing and increased productivity.⁠


This eBook will dive into:

☕ What Morning Rituals Are & How They Help Us⁠

☕ The Effects of Gratitude & Meditation on the Grieving Mind

⁠☕ Grief Journaling: Benefits & Journal Prompts

⁠☕ Accountability Calendars: How To & The Science Behind Why They Work