VIP (3) Month Coaching with Sabrina

(2 spots available)

For the woman who is eager to:

  • Transcend her mental blocks

  • Break through to the next level of her healing 

  • Energetically align with her desires (and uncover what's blocking her from manifesting in a big way)  

  • Elevate spiritually 

  • Connect to herself on a deeper level 


  • Unlock a new level of her business...


​This 3-month container is for the woman who is ready to unlock her power; for the woman who is ready to make WAVES in her life & co-create her next best chapter while being held, supported, and empowered. 

Some of the 1:1 journeys I've led in the past have been alongside...

  • COACHES who want to break through the mental & energetic barriers that they know are negatively impacting their ability to scale their business

  • MOTHERS who wanted to heal in order to show up more powerfully for their families.

  • STUDENTS who wanted to tap into their potential & become a magnet to their desires. 

  • EVERYDAY WOMEN who desire to become the best version of themselves. 

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All 1:1 sessions will combine breathwork + traditional spiritual, mindset coaching

Traditional coaching, through the lense of spiritual psychology, can include identifying your opportunities, working through your obstacles, and

co-creating solutions that feel good to YOU.


Breathwork will be used to AMPLIFY the process. Breathwork in a session can look like working with the subconscious to provide clarity or surface subconscious blocks, releasing tension and stress stuck in the body, connecting to our higher consciousness & deepening the awareness of our true self.... to name a few. 

75 minute sessions

The coaching aspect of each session will combine mindset + spiritual psychology, and we will amplify the process via breathwork. Our session will end with reflection, further coaching & ways you can integrate your healing over the following days.


After each session, you'll be given personalized take home tasks to practice between then and our next session. (i.e. journal prompts, exercises, mindset/energy challenges etc.) These tasks are to ensure your growth continues between sessions.


Access to live voice communication and support via Voxer app Monday - Friday. 

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After experiencing my losses in 2020, I felt completely disconnected from my body and my purpose. I felt like I was floating through space, and I didn't know where to even begin on my healing journey. The moment I found a mentor and discovered breathwork, everything in my life changed. I was able to release the trauma from my losses, connect to my intuition, manifest my dream business, and heal on a cellular level. To this date, I have never experienced a healing modality more efficient, powerful, and SIMPLE. 

The combination of mindset + spiritual psychology coaching with breathwork makes for incredible transformations, and  I look forward to witnessing your growth throughout our time together!