Manifestation Session (60 min)
$150 (USD)

Unfortunately, manifestation is not as simple as "think positive thoughts to receive positive outcomes". 


In order to manifest, we have to acknowledge, work through, and move past our blocks. These blocks can be related to limiting beliefs, low-self worth, and automatic behaviors that hold us back from calling in our desires!  

In our 50 minute session, we will acknowledge your manifestations and address what could be holding you back. I will then guide you through a breathwork session where you will access alternate brain wave states in order to release these blocks and call in what you desire from an elevated energetic state. We will leverage neuroscience principles in order to re-wire your brain to support the actualization of your highest self!

"This breathwork session was everything I didn't know I needed. Working with Sabrina was such a blessing. She held space beautifully from a place of deep empowerment. Her love for this work can be felt in how she structures and facilitates the session. If you feel called, definitely answer."

- Fern R.