I am so excited and proud of you already.

A few things before we speak...

Pink Gradient

Step 1: Watch below 2 minute video

Step 2: Know what to expect

  • Talking to someone who truly care about your goals

  • Questions that help us understand your current challenges

  • Determining whether you are a good fit for TRANSCEND & if TRANSCEND is a good fit for you

  • Securing your spot on the call if you are!

Step 3: Know what NOT to expect

  • Wasting your time

  • Pushy/sleazy sales conversation selling you something you don't want or need

  • "Convincing" you to join TRANSCEND

Step 4: Get prepared

  • Ensure you are taking the call on a tablet or computer

  • Set aside uninterrupted time (30 min max)

  • Grab a notebook and pen

  • Come with questions!