I am so excited and proud of you already.

A few things before we speak...

Pink Gradient

Step 1: Watch below 2 minute video

Step 2: Know what to expect

  • Talking to someone who truly care about your goals

  • Questions that help us understand your current challenges

  • Determining whether you are a good fit for TRANSCEND & if TRANSCEND is a good fit for you

  • Securing your spot on the call if you are!

Step 3: Know what NOT to expect

  • Wasting your time

  • Pushy/sleazy sales conversation selling you something you don't want or need

  • "Convincing" you to join TRANSCEND

Step 4: Get prepared

  • Ensure you are taking the call on a tablet or computer

  • Set aside uninterrupted time (30 min max)

  • Grab a notebook and pen

  • Come with questions!


Frequently asked questions

How much of an investment is this program?

This program is a 4-figure investment. This covers everything in the program: live calls, homework, workbook, video modules, guest coaches, vault modules, community, on demand access etc.

Are there payment plan options?

Yes! Just ask me about them on the call, and we can chat about your options!

When do I need to sign up by?

Doors close to the program on Friday, June 11th. I will be conducting intro calls through the week of the 14th. Class begins Monday, June 28th!

Can I join the zoom call on my phone?

No, unfortunately, I won't be able to conduct the call unless you are on a tablet or computer since I will be sharing my screen.

What should I do if this investment is too much for me right now?

I urge you to consider if that is 100% the case or if fear is creeping in. Take some time to journal and sit with yourself distraction free. Write your fears, your perceived limitations, and your true limitations. This is something we will be working on in TRANSCEND! If after your process, you feel like you need to take a step back then I completely support you 100%.

Ugh. I'm nervous.

I can understand!! I have beeeeen there!! My hand was shaking the first time I applied to a program like this lol. Just know that no matter what, you will leave the program with more value than you expect, and tools that you can take with you as far into the future as you want.