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Sabrina's Favorite Reads

Below you'll find my favorite books that have had a profound impact on my own self-healing / spiritual journey. I include why I think these could be beneficial to you, and a quick synopsis of each book. Happy reading! 

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"The Surrender Experiment: My Journey Into Life's Perfection"

By Michael Singer

You don't have to be spiritual to benefit from this book.

I decided to read this book after hearing the founder of MindValley (an online course hosting platform for personal/spiritual development) talk about a retreat he hosted for high-level CEOs. He had them go around the room and discuss one book that had the biggest impact on their success. Majority of those highly successful people stated that "The Surrender Experiment" by Michael Singer was the single book that had the most profound effect on them. 

This book blew me away, and I understand now how it could have impacted high-level CEO's.

You don't have to be spiritual to benefit from this book.

Michael Singer walks us through his journey of surrendering to the flow of life. Starting out as an economics doctorate, Michael had a profound moment when he realized that he could not quiet the voice in his head- something a lot of us can relate to with racing thoughts that seem uncontrollable. He was desperate to control and quiet those thoughts and took up meditation. What transpired after that is incredible to read, and his experiment to "surrender to life" (aka let go of his personal preferences and surrender to any opportunity that arose) brought him extreme personal, spiritual, AND professional success. 

"The events that transpire will both challenge your deepest assumptions about life and inspire you to look at your own life in a radically different way" - The Surrender Experiment, Michael Singer


"Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe"

By Laura Lynne Jackson

The book that kickstarted my journey with signs

I was guided to this book before my dad got sick, and had to put it down once he was diagnosed because I couldn't fathom needing it one day to communicate with him from the other side. 

After that life-changing conversation with my aunt, when she told me my dad was going to be sending me something from the other side, I knew it was time to pick it back up. 

This book changed everything for me. Laura Lynne Jackson is a medium who decided to not write about her own experiences in this book but instead share the stories of real people like you and me, who have lost greatly and have had beautiful experiences with signs from their loved ones on the other side. Reading about every day people's experiences was extremely influential, as it was easily relatable. It made me realize that I don't have to be a medium to connect with my dad. This book can be emotional to read as it shares people's losses, but each story ends with a beautiful sign and feelings of hope. Highly recommend if interested in beginning your own journey with signs! I refer to this book A LOT in my "Seeking Signs" course. It's just that good!



By Glennon Doyle

A NYT best seller for a REASON!

Alright guys, or should I say "women", if you've waited on this book then this is your sign to bite the bullet and just buy it. This book generated a lot of hype, and for a good reason. 

"Untamed" is a collection of short, sporadic chapters that, once read, will make you feel so empowered to be a woman, so moved to pursue your passions and be unapologetic about your true self. It's spiritually moving, and is a powerful read. I found myself screaming "YES!!" a lot when reading this book. She just has a raw and unfiltered way to relate so well to all women, that it feels like she's talking directly to you when reading the book. 

If you're feeling stuck, unmotivated, perhaps self-conscious, or you're a woman who is TIRED, this is a great book to pick up. Highly recommend.


"Journey of Souls:

Case Studies of Life Between Lives"

by Michael Newton

Probably the most thought-provoking book I've read about the after-life

Michael Newton is a licensed hypnotherapist who realized after an interesting session with a client, that he could tap into the client's superconscious to uncover hidden memories from the soul level and discover life between lives.

He began a study dedicated to this level of hypnosis, and what drew me to the book was the fact that out of all his clients, MAJORITY of them recalled the same experiences of the after-life. 

You need to have an open mind about this book, but I highly recommend it for those who have lost a loved one and are curious about the after-life. This book is a transcription from his interviews with his client's in this deep-hypnosis state and is REALLY interesting to read. 

"Super Attractor:

Methods for Manifesting A Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams"

By Gabrielle Bernstein

The methods she teaches in this book can make a huge impact on your life if you implement them consciously.

Gabby Bernstein is a new thought leader and has written some extremely powerful books. This book being one of them. 

The methods she teaches in this book have stayed with me long after, and have helped me in all aspects of my life. She talks a lot about mindset shifts, so if you're looking to uplevel your spiritual mindset game then this book is a great starting point.