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Watch the video below to learn about the technique + what to expect!

3-Step Breath

Step 1: Inhale (through your mouth) 85% into your belly

Step 2: Inhale (through your mouth) remaining 15% into your chest

Step 3: Exhale (out your mouth) your breath. Do not push the breath out, or elongate it. Just release the breath naturally.

Common Sensations

1. Tingling in face, neck, chest, arms, legs

2. Tightening in hands (lobster claws) or mouth

3. Lightheadedness

** ALL sensations are natural, safe, and temporary! They are the result of you breathing differently and your energy shifting. You are in control the whole time, so if you want to alleviate these sensations you can just slow down the technique, or breathe in/out through your nose!