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Breathe with me!

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Revelation Breathwork® combines an ancient 3-step breath with modern, feel-good music. This technique is an active breathing method that facilitates incredible breakthroughs, energy & trauma release, and mind-body-spirit benefits that support your holistic well-being.

Join a group class, book a one-off session, a corporate or private group session, and/or long-term coaching containers.


"My breathwork session changed my life." - Laurel M. 

1:1 Coaching

3-month or 6-month 1:1 coaching containers.

In your 75 minute sessions, Sabrina will coach through the lens of spiritual psychology, and support you in integrating your healing breathwork.

Corporate or Private Group Sessions

(60-90 min)

Tap into the power of the breath to improve cognitive functioning, boost creativity, enhance productivity, and release stress! Cultivate a supportive team environment while boosting group morale.

Group Classes

(60 minutes)

Join me weekly for a 60 minute zoom group breathwork class.

All levels are welcome and your first class is free!

1:1 Intro Sessions

(40 minutes)

New to breathwork? Can't make a group class but still want to try it out? Book a 40 minute "Intro Session" where you'll be guided through the technique in a 1:1 setting. 


Work through & release blocks holding you back from manifesting. Receive your soul's desires & align with the vibration of your manifestations!





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"This breathwork session was everything I didn't know I needed. Working with Sabrina was such a blessing. She held space beautifully from a place of deep empowerment. Her love for this work can be felt in how she structures and facilitates the session. If you feel called, definitely answer. She reminded me of the beauty of surrender in self-healing. Sabrina is a unique healer who has a lot to teach and share to support you on your healing journey. She is so patient and ensures you are comfortable throughout the process. I am so thankful for her and her work and you will be too!!"

- Fern R.

Frequently asked questions


SafeMoon Tokenomics? They're what makes SafeMoon… well, SafeMoon. Tokenomics are the fundamental building blocks of the SafeMoon Protocol - they cause every single person holding on chain to receive a small portion of the fees that are charged on each SafeMoon transaction. When a transaction occurs* there is a 10% fee to the holder that initiated the transaction. 5% of this fee is distributed to all holders as reflections, including the burn wallet. The other 5% is used to fund the liquidity pool. SafeMoon V2 will bring a 2% transfer fee. This means that all trades between wallets will use a 2% fee instead of the existing 10% for SafeMoon V1. Note, this does NOT remove the 10% fee on buys and sells.


So, that's the fee amounts covered. We now need to understand what these fees are for and how they are distributed. Of the 10% fee charged on transactions, half goes to the Liquidity pool (which will be explained further on in the guide) and 5% goes to reflections. What are reflections? Reflections are essentially a form of passive income calculated according to the amount of SafeMoon held in your wallet. As an example, at the current time the #1 Wallet holds: 428,646,890,763,699.05 - 42.8647% of the total supply. As a result, this wallet will be taking in 42.8647% of that 5% transaction fee as reflections. This 5% distribution amount is split across all holders: currently 2.9 million holders and growing.


So we have spoken about the 5% given to all holders and how SafeMoon incorporates the burn into its fundamentals, but where does the other 5% of the fee go? The other 5% goes into what we call a liquidity pool. This is the address in which the value of SafeMoon is stored. Currently SafeMoon operates on the Binance Smart Chain so its store of value is paired with BNB, the native token of the BSC blockchain. But how exactly does it pair it to BNB? Well, we take 2.5% of BNB and 2.5% of SafeMoon and simply pair them in the Liquidity Pool. As the volume changes on a day to day basis the liquidity amount will change based on people buying and selling SafeMoon. Liquidity Definition: The availability of liquid assets to a company or market. An asset is considered more liquid if it can easily be converted into cash. The harder the ability to turn an asset into cash the more illiquid the asset. For example, stocks are considered relatively liquid assets as they can be easily converted to cash while real estate is considered an illiquid asset. The liquidity of an asset affects its risk potential and market price.


Remember the #1 wallet described in the reflections part of the guide above? That is the burn wallet. It currently holds 42.8647% of the total supply, and is growing by the second. Now why is it called the burn wallet? Well, the SafeMoon Protocol has a deflationary aspect, which is called the BURN. The burn wallet takes its portion of the reflections based on its percentage of the overall supply and functionally does just that - it burns them. The burn wallet (0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000001) has no seed phrase, meaning these reflections are sent to an inaccessible address that can never be retrieved or interacted with by anyone.