A 4-week 1:1 breakthrough series designed to help you unlock the next level of your personal & professional development.

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How it works:

Breathwork is one of the most efficient tools to bypass our thinking mind & access higher levels of consciousness & untapped parts of our psyche. This is important because when we're able to bypass our thinking mind we gain access to:

  • Deep clarity

  • Untapped creativity 

  • New solutions to old problems

  • Profound soul-level revelations

  • Our TRUE self beneath the layers of our humanness (our soul) 

... and so much more.


The entrepreneur or the soul who is on a personal development/spiritual journey.

ENTREPRENEUR who wants to:

  • Reconnect with her vision 

  • Get a business idea off the ground

  • Spark inspiration that has been lost

  • Re-align with her business

  • Transcend blocks in her business preventing her from success

  • Pivot her business but is unsure how or to what

  • Bring ALL parts of herself to the conversation she's leading but is afraid of judgment or client loss if she begins speaking her truth

... and situations similar. 


The soul who wants to:

  • Jumpstart her manifestations (Quantum Manifest)

  • Find clarify about a situation in her life, be it her career, relationships, etc.

  • Breakthrough to a new level of her healing 

  • Find herself again

  • Explore her purpose & reconnect to her authentic self


  • 4 week series

  • (4) 75 minute 1:1 sessions with Sabrina

  • Take-home work between each session

  • $1,111 with a 3-month payment plan option

  • Only (3) spots per month available, booked on a first come first serve basis!

Business Breakthroughs

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Personal/Spiritual Breakthroughs

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Frequently asked questions

What if I've never done breathwork before?

NO problem! Our first session is also designed to get you used to the technique. We get first timers all the time :)

Who is this NOT for?

If any of the below contraindications apply to you & you ARE interested in Breakthrough Breathwork, I will need you to get sign off from a doctor: Cardiovascular disease Angina Heart attack High blood pressure Glaucoma Retinal detachment Osteoporosis Recent injury or surgery History of severe panic attacks, psychosis Severe mental illnesses Seizure disorders Family history of aneurisms Pregnancy (pregnant people are advised against doing this type of breathwork) Please email with any questions!

Are there payment plans?

You betcha! The total cost of the experience is $1,111 and there is an option for a 3-month payment plan ($370/mo for 3 months no interest)