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Hi! I'm Sabrina.

My expertise is energy; I am a true energy nerd. I have not only mastered the topic of manifestation and quantum physics, as it relates to signs and universal energy, BUT I have tapped into this knowledge to completely change my life for the better after some highly unwanted changes.  

You see, I lost my dad and my father-in-law within ONE month of each other to Cancer. Life threw me a curveball and it hit me straight in the face. I was depressed, depleted, unmotivated; truly a slave to my grief. I was jobless and didn't know what my next steps should be. My home was rock bottom and I wanted to move out ASAP. Long story short (click here for more on me), I had my own spiritual awakening and completely changed my life around by tapping into those "trendy" methods (manifestation, brain hacking, etc.) you hear about today to facilitate my own self-healing. 

I started this program because I want others to know that there is no change too bold to make in your life, and you are worthy of that change. In order to make any long-lasting progress, you have to be consistent. Consistency needs accountability, and that's where I come in. 

Through empowerment, motivation, accountability, and self-healing techniques including (but not limited to) manifestation, meditation, energy clearing & raising methods, daily rituals, and MORE, I will help you:

  • Determine your goals

  • Develop a plan 

  • Sustain that plan to get you on the right path towards a better future

The goal of this program is to get you so confident in your ability to make AND sustain positive changes in your life. By the end of our time together, you will have a newfound appreciation for your limitless power to lead a grounded, peaceful, abundant, beautiful life.

With all of this said, you don't have to have a spiritual awakening to want to make REAL changes to your life, and you don't have to be a yogi to understand and benefit from the power of meditation, energy, intuition, and mental clarity. This program will not only support you in making those long-lasting changes, but will cause you to feel peaceful, grounded, centered, calm, aligned, and HAPPY while doing so.


We all have within us the tools to build our perfect life, we just need the keys to unlock them. 

xx Sabrina

You May Be Interested In This Program If You...

  • Recently lost someone and want to learn to live fluidly with your grief

  • Want to manifest a new relationship into your life

  • Are questioning your career path, know you are destined for more but aren't sure what that is yet or how to figure it out

  • Are on a weight loss journey and want to enhance it by developing long-lasting self-love

  • Moved to a new city and want to reinvent yourself

  • Are starting out on your self-healing/spiritual journey but aren't sure where to begin

  • Want to request and receive signs from your loved ones passed but need help & accountability opening yourself up energetically

  • Are ready to attract abundance into your life

  • Know you need to make a change, but aren't sure what or how to go about it

Not only do I see a lot of Millenials eager to begin their spiritual journey to attract abundance, love, their PURPOSE, etc., but I see a lot of people in their second chapter of life questioning their past and ready to make serious changes to better their future. If this sounds like you click below to start your accountability journey now!


Let's Dive a Little Deeper

I support your success by helping you:

Determine Your Goals

What changes do you want to make and why?

I help you get clear on your goals so that we can hit the ground running. Whether it be to live fluidly with your grief or find love in your new city, unless it's negative, there is no goal off the table.

Develop A Plan

What methods will help you achieve your goal?

This is where my expertise in energy and manifestation come in. Considering your schedule and goals, we work together to develop a personalized plan for you. This plan can include, but won't be limited to, energy raising & clearing methods, manifestation techniques, intuition enhancement practices, and more.

Sustain That Plan

Accountability coaching at its finest.

Now that you have a plan, you need to maintain it in order to see results. Not only will I work with you 1:1 on pre-determined days of the week to hold you accountable, but I'll check in with you various times outside of our sessions to ensure progress. We'll establish a routine that allows you space to work on yourself, but also allows you time to work with me to make adjustments, receive advice, and fine-tune for the future.

Begin your accountability coaching journey today by filling out the interest form below. You’ll hear back from me within 24 hours of filling out the form. 

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Package Price List

All sessions to be spaced out according to your schedule and preference.

Your accountability journey with me does NOT have to end at the conclusion of your program! Add-on sessions ARE available and tailored for you, just let me know towards the end of your program how you would like to proceed.


Basic Tier

(4) 30-minute sessions ($53 per session)

(4) Accountability check-ins from me to ensure you are on track

This program is for those who need help beginning their journey and getting super clear on their goals and plan. They may come back for longer-term accountability coaching once they sort it all through!


VIP Tier

(8) 30-minute sessions ($53 per session)

(8) Accountability check-ins from me to ensure you are on track

Increased 1:1 accountability and coaching support than Basic level.

This program is for those who need help beginning their journey, and want an awesome kickstart in maintaining it. They may want to upgrade their program once they see their potential!


Premium Tier

(12) 30-minute sessions ($55 per session)

(12) Accountability check-ins from me to ensure you are on track.

Long-term accountability and coaching support with a high focus on fine-tuning your progress and deep self-reflection.

Take Homes:

  • Personalized accountability calendar based on your customized plan to assist in your progress and growth

  • (12) Personalized journal prompts to assist in your progress and self-reflection

This program is for those ready to make long-lasting changes in their lives. They're tired of waiting around and are ready to fully invest in themselves holistically!

Sounds great! Get started by filling out the interest form below. You'll hear back from me within 24 hours of submitting the form. 


What does each session entail?

At the beginning, your sessions will be focused on determining your goals and developing your personalized plan. Once you have a plan, the remainder of your sessions will be focused on identifying any obstacles you come across, ways to overcome those obstacles, re-aligning you, and empowering you to put your best foot forward.

Can my session days/times vary from week to week?

Accountability and consistency go hand in hand. Ideally, I'd prefer we stick to the same day(s)/time(s) per week, however, I understand that life happens! If you need to reschedule a session I ask that you do so at least 48 hours in advance!

Are all sessions held virtually?

Yes! You will have the option of holding each session via zoom or via phone. Whatever you feel most comfortable with. Virtual sessions keep both you and me safe during COVID-19, and allow us to connect even if we live in different parts of the world!

Why can't I purchase a single session?

Consistency is KEY. The idea here is to help you build a foundation that is conducive to you achieving your goals through the implementation of various methods. It takes time to build positive habits, and one session isn't enough time to make long-lasting change! Think about people who hire trainers. They can easily work out on their own, but they hire a trainer for accountability and knowledge! I am your manifestation trainer :)

Can I contact you between sessions?

Yes! You will be provided with my contact information once you sign up so that you can reach me if needed. ALSO, each package includes a certain number of "check-ins" from me. These are designed to be friendly reminders and check-ins to ensure that you are following through on your plan. They can either be pre-scheduled or you can choose for me to implement randomly.

Do my sessions expire?

Yes. You have 2 months to use the Basic (4-session) package, 3 months to use the VIP (8-session) package, and 4 months to use the Premium (12-session) package. Accountability is the name of the game in this whole program!

Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes. Any session cancellations within 48 hours will cost one session. All packages are non-refundable.

Can I schedule a group program with my friends?

Yes! Working with a friend to maintain accountability is the best! Program costs cannot be split, but you both can attend the same sessions with me as long as you have the same goal in mind.

Have more questions? Reach out to me below!